Apartment Interior Design & Fit Out

Rawabi Interiors is the perfect destination for exquisite apartment interior design and fit out services. Our team is dedicated in creating luxurious yet practical living spaces that symbolize sophistication and efficiency. Trust our team to elevate your home with designs that promise to transform your space into a comfortable and stylish haven.

Living Room

Our Interior Designers sketch apartment interior design by choosing elegant and unique fit outs. For your living room we carefully plan the layout, the lighting, the color scheme, and the furniture as per your vision using the best quality materials with our artistic touches. Our goal is to create a living room that reflects your personality and style while maximizing comfort and opulence

Dining Room

Our experts craft welcoming dining rooms as part of our expertise in Apartment Interior Design. We combine practicality with elegance by utilizing Fit out Works to change any room the way you like. Including tasteful furniture, ambient lighting, and creative decor are important elements of our project strategy. Our goal in plotting dining rooms is creating a dining room that is stylish and enhances the overall living experience is the goal.


Rawabi Interiors specializes in apartment kitchen interior design, crafting spaces that illustrates both style and function in Dubai’s dynamic setting. Our approach in creating kitchens that combine modern innovation with practicality, ensuring every apartment kitchen we design maximizes space without compromising on elegance. With a focus on high-quality materials and tailored decor, we transform your kitchen into an inviting and efficient heart of your home.


Rawabi Interiors specializes in transforming bedrooms into bespoke oasis of comfort and style, designed to match the dynamic Dubai lifestyle. Our designs combine practicality with luxury, creating spaces that serve as the perfect scene to unwind and recharge. With focusing on personalization and quality, We stand ahead in our projects ensuring that every bedroom we craft is a masterpiece of individual expression and refined taste.

Dressing Room

Our long experience in apartment interior design enables us to transform dressing rooms into personal retreats. By incorporating functional storage, tasteful lighting, and sleek finishes, our fit out works enhances the aesthetic appeal of your apartment. It is our objective to create a dressing room that combines convenience with style and enhances the overall appearance, a room where you get to gather all your loved items.


Our apartment interior design services include the makeover and construction of bathrooms. We are providing sophisticated fit out services by combining high-quality fixtures, innovative storage, and calming color schemes, we create a sophisticated Apartment Fit out Work. In order to enhance the living experience of your apartment, we strive to create a bathroom that serves as a relaxing retreat that has all retreat essentials customized for you the way you like.